12 Nov
A bigger-than-life cabinet of curiosities created by Joey Arias and legendary puppeteer Basil Twist

There is lots of art to be had in this world, but I get the feeling Arias with a Twist is one of those things that you just can’t miss, if given the opportunity. If you’re in LA, you now have a chance. The show opens on Wednesday, November 18, at Redcat and runs for […]

27 Oct
Get ready for a macabre night of dance, music, and mayhem...

If you’re still contemplating what to do in LA this Halloween weekend, one of our favorite disco clubs is putting on a special edition of their monthly get together. Shits and Giggles has teamed up with Jelly Roll, which means S&G residents Chris Bowen and Victor Rodriguez are joined by A Club Called Rhonda resident […]

20 Aug
The Last Summer Soiree Before The Night Goes Monthly

It’s no secret that the gay club nights put on the best disco parties. And I’m just speaking music, though the DJs hold their own for both classics and nu-disco alike. It’s the whole theatrical package that makes these nights special and memorable, in places like LA where disco is the new catch all phrase […]

30 Jul
London’s disco mafia comes to lala land. Ready for some Shits & Giggles?

We’ve been lucky in LA to have had plenty of proper disco shows as of late, but we’re hella excited for London’s premier disco mavens, the Horse Meat crew. Since the launch in 2003 by DJs James Hillard and Jim Stanton, HMD’s famed London parties garnered an undisputed reputation for quality events with a disco-for-diggers […]