15 Jun
Moscow artist's "Sicksystems" combines graphics and handwork

With both multinational corporations and small independent brands simultaneously reaching out to him, Moscow-based graphic artist Aske has been in demand these days. His followers throughout Europe and here in the US helped bring attention to his work and led to him being featured last year in Print Magazine’s annual New Visual Artists “20 under […]

4 May
Continuing their lo-fi assault on the music video genre

Salem continues their lo-fi assault on the music video genre with their latest, “Till The World Ends”. Taking grainy footage of strippers at work and segueing it into nightvision military footage, somehow it all makes sense over the chopped and screwed morphed musical madness of Salem’s track. Much like their “Sick” video, the group deftly […]

25 Apr
The latest from Traverse City, Michigan

The latest vid from Traverse City, Michigan witch house trio Salem, for their latest single “Sick” off of King Night. If you like what you hear, check out their Mother Always mixtape we posted a couple weeks back…

11 Aug
The Bottoms Up Beer Glass and Vino Mug are here to set you straight...sort of

Have you ever drank to the point where you were upside down? Of course you have, who hasn’t. In such occassions, the Bottoms Up Beer Glass (above left) may just be the perfect drinking accessory. Sure you’re upside down, but as the beer looks like it’s in an upside down beer bottle, it will totally invert […]