Champion skydiver, world-class B.A.S.E jumper/wingsuit pilot, professional model and one of the stars of HTC’s Free Fall Fashion Shoot, Roberta Mancino is well known in the extreme sports community for her adrenaline addiction… as well as her easy-on-the-eyes looks. HTC caught up with Roberta in Los Angeles last month as she gave a couple of […]

So GLOBE has a new throwback skateboard or something. I think it’s called “Bantam”, and they put together this genius Z-Boys-era tinged video to let y’all know. And it’s like a real deck with lifetime guarantees and something or other… wait, are you still reading this?! What’s wrong with you man?! Just play the damn […]

Culled from images cut out from numerous skateboard magazines such as Monster Skateboard, Limited Skateboarding and Place, Cologne Germany’s Tilles Singer put together this short stop motion animation titled Skateboardanimation.”A ton of digital photos, a ton of real life magazines, an hour of recording music,” went into it, says Singer. Not only is the idea […]