15 Feb
The Anatomically Correct way to nappytime

In this giant supermarket we live in, your life is full of many options. For instance, you can sleep inside the cartooned guts of a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, inside the gaping maw of a 7 Foot Giant Shark, or even a wrapped up in a very realistic Grizzly Bear. But is that all, you may […]

22 Oct
Zip soft and Lounge hard

How to create the ultimate comfort? One part armchair and one part sleeping bag equals total Cocoon Armchair. Pretty self-explanatory, the Cocoon Armchair — designed by Luxembourg-based design company Superette — is truly the one thing missing from your apartment. With soft comfortable lining, you can lay down and zip up the duvet-like cocoon for […]

2 Jun
The Wampa snow monster rug

Hot off the success of last year’s much coveted Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, Thinkgeek are back with the ever-more tempting Wampa Rug. So now instead of outfitting your fireplace-side living room with a growling bear rug, you can spare one of god’s great creatures and slay a Wampa snow monster. The only thing separating this from […]

25 May
ChumBuddy joins ranks of growing animal sleeping bags

There seems to be a growing desire among netizens to sleep in the bowels of plushy animals. First there was the tauntaun, then the irate bear, and now a gigantic great white shark, aka the ChumBuddy. Has this officially reached meme status? Standing at 7 feet tall, and stuffed with over 30 lbs of poly-fill, […]

19 Jan
Hibernate in style

Eiko Ishizawa designed this sleeping bag made to look like a bear, which reminds us a bit of that awesome tauntaun sleeping bag, only furrier. Altho this seems a bit risky to use in nature — you just might wake up with a really really horny 500 pound bed mate that doesn’t take no for […]

16 Nov
Where were you for my Dungeons & Dragons sleepovers???

It’s sad to say but I’m not even joking — if this thing had come out when I was a kid I probably would’ve used it straight through college. Which in hindsight probably wouldn’t have been such a great idea — it would’ve been a little weird for my roommate to have to pretend he […]