1 Aug
One-of-a-kind cases for your Canon, Nikon and Sony shooters

Looking for a way to to carry your camera without taking more than you need? The Pixbag Camera Case snugly fits most SLR cameras and protects them against minor bumps and scratches. Since the Pixbag case is handmade, different materials can be used for the exterior making for unique cases that can easily fit into […]

23 Feb
Translucent mirrors, what does that mean?!

The picture above will have you either really excited, confused or disappointed with Sony, as there seems to be a mixture of emotions when seeing a camera going naked. But Sony’s new translucent SLR features a unique design, a translucent mirror (not case) that allows the camera to focus quicker and more efficiently than any […]

7 Feb
18-megapixel DSLR with swiveling LCD

Only one year after releasing their T2i camera, Canon is introducing the EOS Rebel T3i — their latest DSLR volley in the war with Nikon. Loaded with an 18-megapixel sensor, the camera comes stock with major upgrades like a swiveling LCD, Integrated Speedlite Transmitter, Creative Filters and lower resolution jpegs. Of course the T3i can […]

29 Jul
Add a new dimension at a discount cost

As 3D TVs proliferate, people are going to want to start filming their own content in 3D. Of course, until now, 3D cameras are prohibitively expensive for non-professionals. Not anymore. Panasonic announced a new 3D interchangeable lens that is compatible with their proprietary Lumix G Micro System. The lens features two optical systems installed within […]

8 Sep
McLaren returns to its F1 roots

Since Benz and McLaren ended their partnership in the SLRs (could the precipitous drop in sales have had anything to do with this?), rumors have been flying about the new iteration of the McLaren brand – the mysteriously dubbed P11. Well today they released the first official photographs of what is now called the McLaren […]

9 May
Charlie Meadows unleashes the LIAS Caddy CTS-V on the Greatest Rally on Earth...

Today concludes the 11th annual Gumball 3000, an epic rally raging from Los Angeles to Miami via stops in Vegas, Sedona, Santa Fe, Dallas, New Orleans, and Orlando. And what a rally it was! We loaded up the Lost In a Supermarket Special Edition Cadillac CTS-V and hit the road, racing and celebrating in massive […]

The new Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss will be the last of the acclaimed McLaren SLR line. What a shame — these SLRs are bad ass. Supposedly, this is the production version and will come out with neither windows nor roof. No roof? As this supercar launches you down the road with 650 horses, […]