We all have a car nut in our lives. Gear-brains. Petrolheads. You know the deal. Guys who like to strap on a helmet every Saturday morning and spend the first couple hours of the weekend slicing up asphalt on a beautiful mountain road. Dudes who walk straight to the car section at the bookstore, and […]

18 Feb
Lost In a Supermarket jumps in their Cadillac Escalade Hybrid and hits Southern California's premier snow getaway

All images shot exclusively for Lost In a Supermarket by Robert Kerian The exhilaration is similar to what you’d imagine riding one of those speederbikes from Return of the Jedi might feel like, with the exception of the cold sprays of snow lighting up your cheeks erasing the reverie. The trees blur by as you […]

The concept behind the Skizee is simple: a motorized tank-like tread that pushes you in the snow, making a once incredibly healthy aerobic exercise into a Segway-like whizz through the snow. Although to be fair, cross-country skiing with a giant engine attached to your back seems like a wicked, wicked good time. Its low-emission four-stroke […]

29 Apr
Like a snowmobile, except for the desert

Similar to the Platune Sand-X Dune Rider, this Dune Tracer concept is just what you need for those lazy days on the beach. Designed by diseno-art.com, the snow mobile-like Dune Tracer is motored by a rear-mounted engine located behind the driver’s seat that powers a unique track system. While at full speeds it turns like […]

13 Sep
Beats sweating your ass off in a Hummer all day

We live in Southern California, a place totally bereft of snow except on our tallest mountain ranges. We do have Glamis, however, home of a Mad Max-like world where sand rails, dirt bikes, quads and 4x4s rule the land with a mighty fist. This is where the Platune Sand-X would steal the show. Essentially a […]

French customizer Ludovic Lazareth has designed the Snowtrack to revolutionize winter motor sports. By adding two driven tracks to the front of a snowmobile (replacing the traditional skis), the tracks will provide additional traction under acceleration — increasing cornering speeds, eliminating slides and making it possible to get on the power earlier. As Hell for […]