5 Jun
Another beastly Maximo Riera-designed animal sofa

If you’re ready to take your living room on a luxury jungle safari, Maximo Riera has the sofa for you. Sure you could sit your ass down on a Space Invader,  game of Tetris, the alphabet or even another Riera-created animal, a beetle. But they won’t be nearly as imposing as the animal playfully dubbed the African Water Horse. Measuring 55″x 297″ and […]

3 Oct
Modular Seating system by Studio Lawrence

While we’ve invited you to sit your ass down on a Space Invader, a Giant Rubiks Cube, a Twizzler and some Hay, perhaps it’s time to consider a Tetris-like seating arrangement for your derriere. Studio Lawrence‘s “To Gather” seating arrangements by designers Patrick de Louwere and Bart Eijking, premiered at the London Design Festival, are engineered […]

13 May
Europe’s flagship W opens in London, but can the transatlantic cool of the brand be translated?

The second edition of our Checking In series, Lost In A Supermarket’s quest to cover all things we hold most dear (see our review of the gleaming new Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong). In this review we jump continents from Hong Kong’s Ritz — now the highest hotel in the world — to the W Hotel […]

8 Oct
French Designer Aurelina Barbry's Fossa Sofa for COR

The Fossa is not only a sofa, it can be altered to create numerous seating configurations. With removable cushions and a sectional that frames the couch, you can arrange the cushions depending on your needs, or remove them entirely for a completely new look and feel. Penned by French designer Aurlien Barbry for COR — […]

8 Sep
Singaporean aritist GaenKoh's "Tat-ris" couch

I guess there’s some unspoken video-games-as-furniture zeitgeist going on in the world, what with industrial designer GaenKoh‘s incredibly Tetris-like ”tat-ris” furniture seeing the light only weeks after that famed Space Invader couch. The Singaporean designer created this piece of interactive modular seating after seeing kids at play, and how they couldn’t sit down for more […]

Russian born (via Tokyo via Seattle via Los Angeles) designer Igor Chak designed this headturning couch shaped like the classic Space Invader alien. The couch is made of all leather, with two glass surfaces on the arm rests. Although it might look uncomfortable it’s supposedly amply soft, “mainly lined and made with memory foam”. If […]

These beautiful designer chairs depicted above are deceiving. They may be less suitable for your kitchen, and more suitable for your daughter’s Barbie kitchen. Each chair is a 1/12 scale model created to make these infinitely collectible items more accessible to a design fan on a more limited budget. The design of each chair focuses […]

23 Feb
Inflate your Furniture

Reminiscent of a bean bag chair, the greatest thing about the Blow Sofa is that you can take it anywhere, hassle free. The only problem I have with it is that there are no armrests. At least with a bean bag chair you can sink in enough to have a place for your forearms to […]