14 Feb
Modular design, sustainable, 186 mph, handmade German EV

Regensburg, Germany-based PG made quite a splash a couple summers ago with the Blacktrail — the World’s Fastest Carbon Fiber and Titanium Electric Bike. The $80,000 sustainable vehicle stunned eco-fans with a futuristic design and tech-heavy engineering that made many take notice. Building a respected collection of handmade e-Bikes, Pedelecs and UrbanBikes, PG has now […]

25 Feb
Russia's Podvaal magnetic watch separates time into three

The creation of Russian design studio Podvaal, the Revolve watch uses three bracelets that function as separate pieces but come together to tell you one time. As you can guess there is one bracelet to display the hours, one for minutes and a third one for seconds. The bracelets are magnetic, allowing you to pull […]

25 May
Automower Solar Hybrid is world's first fully automatic solar lawn mower

Normally the idea of a solar-powered robot with deadly blades would be enough to launch James Cameron to the laptop for a re-write, but Husqvarna‘s Automower Solar Hybrid is a robot of good, not evil. This no emission, self-propelled, low energy consumption, weather-proof, nearly silent lawn mower can only handle lawns of half-acre or smaller, […]

25 Feb
Charge your USB devises on the Sun's tab

We’re huge fans of off-the-grid technologies. As a matter of fact, I’m broadcasting from a secret, underground location known only to an inner circle of LIAS readers known as The Meadows. The Illumi Charger, a solar powered USB wall charger, is one of the last things I would need to go completely off the grid, […]

Gramo Speakers just might be the perfect outdoor accessory for the audio-inclined. Designed by Pekka Salokannel, the Gramo Speakers are powered by three layers of photovoltaic panels on the surface — allowing you to listen to music plug-less (say while camping, at the beach, on safari, canoeing the Merrimack, etc). The solar panels also charge […]

12 Oct
More reasons to become stupid rich

The Code-X concept is a 47′ 7” yacht that employs both Solar and Formula 1 technology. The Swiss-designed catamaran can either engage its twin-Limor Formula One engines (710 hps each) and rip across waters at 80 knots, or switch to its twin electric motors and cruise at a more refined 9 knots. The electric engines […]