12 Nov
Undercurrents' solar-powered theatrical experience

The Sol Cinema is a project funded by the media arts charity Undercurrents, an experiment in new ways to appreciate film while still being eco-savvy. Created from a vintage 1960’s two-berth caravan and completely powered by the sun, he idea behind the non-profit theater was to create awareness of environmental issues. The Sol Cinema has […]

25 May
Automower Solar Hybrid is world's first fully automatic solar lawn mower

Normally the idea of a solar-powered robot with deadly blades would be enough to launch James Cameron to the laptop for a re-write, but Husqvarna‘s Automower Solar Hybrid is a robot of good, not evil. This no emission, self-propelled, low energy consumption, weather-proof, nearly silent lawn mower can only handle lawns of half-acre or smaller, […]

Gramo Speakers just might be the perfect outdoor accessory for the audio-inclined. Designed by Pekka Salokannel, the Gramo Speakers are powered by three layers of photovoltaic panels on the surface — allowing you to listen to music plug-less (say while camping, at the beach, on safari, canoeing the Merrimack, etc). The solar panels also charge […]

These solar-powered LED lights by Miniwiz illustrate the true potential of design intersecting ingenuity. Re-purposing the ubiquitous plastic bottle — that heinous bane of the enviroment — into a usable light source, Miniwiz have transformed a liability into an asset. You just screw the LED lights in place of the cap and leave it outside. […]

16 Sep
Welcome to the bike of the future

This is about as futuristic as a bicycle can get. According to Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman, the man behind the idea for this ride, we probably wont see something like for years to come. There’s no harm in dreaming, though. The bike features things like a mini computer on the handlebars that’ll count calories and […]

17 Jul
Nixon’s First Solar Charged Watch

Nixon is making a mark with their first rechargeable, solar powered watch in the brand’s 11-year history. Inspired by the Defender driving, outdoor adventurers (hurray for summer!), the semi-transparent dial allows sunlight to pass through to the solar panel below which charges the watch’s battery. Powerslaves and desk jockeys need not worry, any light source […]