30 Jun
The Bosch Power Box is here to save the day

If you plan on having a serious throwdown this 4th of July — I mean a serious throwdown, one replete with policemen knocking down your door, ex-girlfriends trying to jump over the fence and that one crazy dude following you on Twitter dressed up in a Papa John’s deliveryman costume — then perhaps you should […]

17 Jun
Whiskey Barrel Speakers the perfect gift for any alcohol loving musician

Nothing goes down smoother then good whiskey and good music, that’s why Pioneer took it upon themselves to combine the two. The Pioneer Pure Malt Speakers are made from repurposed whiskey barrels after their engineers “found that solid oak wood from whiskey barrels had great acoustic properties.” I wouldn’t doubt that, plus, its a very […]

31 Mar
Classically designed radios from Tivoli

The Tivoli Radio Platinum Collection features the Model One Table Radio, the Model Three Analog Clock Radio, Stereo Speakers, and for those of you who aren’t into the nearly obsolete radio transmission, they have a Model CD Player as well. What Tivoli deems as special about their vintage-inspired ‘Platinum Series’ is their “new hand-lacquered and polished high-gloss […]

25 Mar
Now in Sorbet Lime, Arctic White and Pearl Grey

Remember those beautiful Philippe Starck-designed Parrot Zikmu speakers? Well now you can color coordinate those 100W speakers in 2010 — assuming Sorbet Lime, Arctic White or Pearl Grey matches your living room, that is. Like the previous black models, you can play music from your laptop via Wi-Fi or from your phone via Bluetooth, as […]

Gramo Speakers just might be the perfect outdoor accessory for the audio-inclined. Designed by Pekka Salokannel, the Gramo Speakers are powered by three layers of photovoltaic panels on the surface — allowing you to listen to music plug-less (say while camping, at the beach, on safari, canoeing the Merrimack, etc). The solar panels also charge […]

Designed by Philippe Starck, these 100W Parrot Zikmu speakers play music from your laptop via Wi-Fi or from your phone via Bluetooth. Of course there’s also a port for your iPod or iPhone cause we live in the 21st century. The 2.5-foot tall trumpet-shaped speakers are acoustically designed for clarity and bass, but I gotta […]

With the look of something out a Dr. Suess book and supposedly more useful than a baby seal clubbing device, comes the Gramophone from Aesthesis. At almost four feet tall, this stainless steel and carbon fiber bank-breaker was engineered by Swedish auto-maker Koenigseggs, in collaboration with design firms Ergonomidesign, Eker Design and the materials manufacturing […]

9 Sep
This kind of sound doesn't fuck around

If you want good sound, you’re just going to have to pay for it. And the Kanto Syd 5 iPod Speaker might very well prove that to you with it’s bass output, compatibility with other pieces of hardware and of course it’s price tag. You’re going to pay upwards of $359 for this mini monster, […]