Look out for Kung Fury, a Swedish-made kung fu action spoof written, directed by and starring total genius David Sandberg. What’s the story, you ask? He’s a renegade cop. Now he must defeat the most evil Kung Fu master in the world — Adolph Hitler, also known as… the Kung Führer! That’s basically it. Angry cop, Kung Fu […]

1 Nov
I ain't gave nobody no damn money, is you tweakin?!

Lando Calrissian’s cover of R. Kelly’s seminal stroke of genius, “Real Talk”, featuring the cast of Return of the Jedi. Tell me Leia, were there other guys there? Were there other guys there?! Real talk.

13 Sep
More fun at hipsters' expense

Sort of reminds me of the Space Hipsters cartoon, which wasn’t far from the infamous Hipster Olympics. Who cares — does making fun of self-important hipsters ever get old? We know the answer to that one…

There were rumors swirling that the Spider-Man reboot would be helmed by Wes Anderson. While I think Anderson is basically gold (how awesome was Fantastic Mr. Fox?), I’m not sure he’d fit the superhero action genre — it makes you wonder tho. Well wonder no more, thanks to Jeff Loveness.He created this parody short film […]