Opening Ceremony and Pendleton Woolen Mills have combined to bring to the world the hippest picnic/camping blanket known to mankind. Yes, to the naked eye it may seem like an average wool blanket, but at closer examination the Yakima Camp Blnkt has got all the details to fulfill a hipster’s most potent picnic fantasies: it’s […]

3 Jun
The "TO KI TO Beacon" collaboration

Barbour and Tokihito Yoshida have collaborated on yet another group of jacket designs for the Spring/Summer 2010. The aptly named “TO KI TO Beacon” has a reputation for taking Barbour’s classic designs and adding intricacies signature to the Japanese designer’s style. This group of releases includes the Field jacket, waxed Military jacket, and a classic, […]

3 Jun
A bold look for summertime

Nothing says summertime like a collection of clothing from Freshjive. The company that helped pioneered California streewear continues their trend with a series of witty tees and bright shorts that embody the idea of Pacific laziness. Though I’ve heard that Freshjive will be heading in a much more mature direction, I’d like to believe it […]

13 May
For those who can never decide what to wear

You may be scratching your head as you look at this jacket. Is it a hoodie? Is it a vest? Is it a blazer? What kind of God would allow such a hybrid sartorial abomination to be created?! Well, don’t be alarmed, it’s all of those things, but the design house who unearthed it — […]

10 May
Because Summer weather can surprise you

J.Crew brought back their “classic” Toggle Sweater by popular demand. The sweater is made from a breathable linen/cotton blend and they’ve added a hood to it because I don’t think its possible to dislike a sweater as long as its got a hood on it. There is nothing like J. Crew during the summertime, the […]

7 May
Lightweight, clean-cut looks for the summer

Japanese label N. Hoolywood have released their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection for purchase. The collection is made up of mostly cotton/wool/linen and each item is equally as refined as the next, complete with some super subtle detailing throughout. But more than anything, N. Hoolywood is insanely praised for their tailoring abilities, boasting an off-the-rack fit like […]

22 Apr
...a new collection of iconic trenchcoats

Burberry has just released their “April Showers” line of coats for Spring 2010. Of course included amongst the collection are their iconic, and highly reputed, Burberry trenchcoats — but to twist it up a bit the British luxury house has added gentle touches of color to make them fit right into the bright and bold […]

8 Apr
Simple Pullover For The Changing Weather Patterns

The B:Scott Denim Double Mock Pullover is a great Springtime substitute for the heavy petticoats of the passing winter. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s not too heavy, but it’s got the chic winter look with double-collar that both zips and buttons itself up. Not too showy, but stylish nonetheless. If you’re from warmer climes and […]