We love us some comics. We love us some break beats. We also love us some Incredible Hulk (more Avengers movie Hulk than the other movie Hulks, although you’d have to give Lou Ferrigno’s seminal Hulk top billing). What’s the point, you ask? The point is that DJ Justin Johnson has dropped the 9th volume in […]

22 Aug
30-minutes of breakbeats to make your Summer 2012 memorable

Any day that the Stanton Warriors drop a new mix is a good day, so ergo today is a wonderful day. I’ve been a bit disappointed by the last couple times the brothers Stanton got behind the turntables live, as their usually epic breaks mixes have begun to be watered down by what we lovingly […]

Over the years, breakbeat luminaries Stanton Warriors have delivered so many dancefloor concussions (their Rye Rye “Bang” Remix for one) that they should probably register with the Pentagon. The onslaught continues with the Redman-sampling “Turn Me Up Some”, which although loaded with the requisite bass could use a bit variety — love to hear it […]

5 Jan
Come join LIAS at Avalon, Hollywood this Friday, January 7

While it’s clear we have a soft spot for all things indie, from experimental haze to dream pop to garage doo-wop, some of us here at LIAS have also been suckers for breakbeats since they used to call it hardcore (Google it, kids). Throughout its evolution, the boom bap always delivers to our hearts a […]

You know how when 2 great things combine? Stanton Warriors + Rye Rye = the sonic equivalent of cookie dough ice cream…

Happy Summer Friday people! Before you gather your shit for another weekend BBQ or rooftop pool party, download these breakbeat mixes for some proper sunlit head-bobbing. The first mix is by Deekline & Tim Healey, who are celebrating the launch of their label GIANT PUSSY with a DJ mix featuring exclusives and a sneak preview […]

The best party breaks DJs on the planet, Stanton Warriors, are about to deliver the world another glorious mix on Fabric Records, Sessions III. Prepare thyselves, it is ill — they even drop the Pilooski re-edit of “Beggin’” in the mix, which we posted here in August. Beautiful stuff. Sessions III comes out on October […]

Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, is back with his fourth album, Everything is Borrowed, on October 7 (Vice Records). I’m not sure how I feel about this one. After I heard his track “Has It Come to This?” on the Stanton Warriors amazing Stanton Sessions mix, I was all excited about this guy. Then he […]