Creatively built with eco-friendly tactics and materials, renowned Singapore-based toy tech designer PHU has handcrafted iPhone docks resembling some battle-worn steampunk mech tanks. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 docks — exclusively offered at the Four Corner Store — are created from “found objects” and “repurposed model fittings,” giving new meaning to PHU’s mantra of “Deconstruct/ […]

23 Nov
Vancouver Film School's Patrick Biason's "A Gentlemen's Duel"

Created by Vancouver Film School student Patrick Biason, A Gentlemen’s Duel is basically Japanese mech battle anime filtered through a steampunk lens. Great animation, and who doesn’t enjoy one giant robot trading fisticuffs with another giant robot? No one, that’s who.

We’re not the biggest fan of steampunked designs around LIAS, but when done well it can add a rugged and bespoke aspect to normally banal items. Such is the case with these Machine Lights designed by Frank Buchwald. There are 12 different models in the Machine Lights series, produced in low volume. Each object is unique, manually […]

19 Nov
Wear unnecessarily cumbersome stuff on your wrists

Gizmowatches has collected a series of steampunked watches, including the doozy DeWitt Incognito above that retails for a cool $630,000. I mean it looks cool enough, but I’d rather spend that on an Audi R8, a Maserati Quattroporte for the imaginary girlfriend, and drop the remaining $300K on an entire mountain in Guatemala — but […]

I’m typically not too drawn to the whole Steampunk vibe. Some of it is pretty interesting, I’ve seen a few pairs of goggles I wouldn’t mind rocking, but a lot just looks like something the neighborhood tweaker would concoct in his garage at like 3am. The Catena Wall Clock By Andreas Dober has a little […]