You ever worked freelance? I don’t care if it’s production, journalism, photography, bounty hunting, pimping, underground cockfighting, doesn’t matter — you can sympathize with Supreme‘s most recent collaboration with well respected Japanese luggage/bag makers PORTER. The simply stated “Fuck You Pay Me” cases say it all, with Supreme’s signature font in white boldly stated in […]

Just in time for your Zombie Steve Jobs costume, or Frankenstein Lana Del Rey outfit, or frankly whatever else you’re dressing up as for Halloween this weekend, Bernard Willhelm x Camper‘s To&ether Men’s Skull Boots will tie up the get-up perfectly. Are they hideous? Yes. Will you wear them anytime for the rest of the […]

28 Apr
Apple snob or PC peon? Unleash your ire on Apple's overlord

I’m not sure if this is aimed at all the Apple Addicts out there or the PC minions who loathe their existence, but probably it appeals to anyone who was ever on a crucial business call when their iPhone 4 crapped out on them. The geek-centric Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone Case tells everyone, “Yes, […]

29 Mar
Don Draper, Kurt Cobain and Damien Hirst sell Nikes

New York graffiti artist Katsu has been bombing NYC with a series of Fake Ads, subverting Nike and MoMa adverts with the likenesses of everyone from Bill Murry, Morrissey and Jay-Z to Steve Jobs, Chief Wiggum and Damien Hirst. He’s also producing a limited run of signed and framed prints available for purchase at Katsu […]

23 Nov
The Steve Jobs action figure, for the nerd who has it all

For the Mac and Apple fiend who has it all, but needs more junk in their life, may we present you with the Steve Jobs Action Figure. While “action figure” may be a bit of a stretch (does he have 58 points of articulation? exaggerated muscle tone or breasts? any blasters or missile projectors?), this […]

6 Apr
Old money bling meets new technology

If you wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, then you’re probably also living well beyond your means. Check your bank account balance with this limited edition Macbook Air SUPREME ICE. Yes, using caps lock is necessary when describing this 25.5 carat diamond encrusted laptop. The famed Apple is comprised of these 53 […]

27 Jan
Will this $500 device save the publishing world?

Well it’s finally here — after intense rumor mongering, internet-wide speculation and full throated denial, the Apple iPad (watch the video — its key in understanding the appeal) was finally revealed today by Steve Jobs in San Francisco. The stats: 0.5-inch thick, 1.5 pounds, 9.7-inch tablet with integrated speaker and microphone, Bluetooth, WiFi and optional […]

30 Apr
Probly what Steve Jobs had in mind when he invented the iPhone

If this thing worked, do you think Juarez would return to being a sleepy Mexican hamlet…? I know a whole crew in Williamsburg who just ran out and bought iPhones after discovering this…