As we like to always say, Keep it Stupid, Simple. And there’s no better way to keep things stupid than with some Star Wars bar stools in your life. You have a bar at home, you have an ass, you have a need to place that ass somewhere whilst you imbibe your freshly opened bottle […]

27 Jan
A-Z Furniture by Sascha Grewe

Is the world ready for alphabet furniture? If have you an obsessive need to narcissistically  spell out your name in your home or office, designer Sascha Grewe has a solution. Her A-Z furniture was part of the DMY 2011 Asia Exhibition tour and includes various stools, desks, chairs and book shelves in 250 bright, modern […]

18 Aug
Half stool, half tribute to graffiti culture

Cap is exactly what it looks like: a stool shaped like a spray can cap, the ultimate symbol of graffiti culture. Developed by the amazingly named underground Swedish design team Don’t Feed the Swedes, the duo had to re-form under their new moniker DFTS Factory to get the Cap into production. “We made a prototype […]

9 Jul
Letters you can sit on

Some ideas are so basic they seem to be simplistically intuitive. Everyone loves the alphabet — hell we sing it to our drooling, pooping rug monkeys every chance we get — and everyone loves sitting their lazy ass down. It’s just common science. So what would happen if you combined the two great Western loves…?  […]

16 Mar
Deckstool puts all that shredding to good use

Inspired by the accumulation of endless piles of broken skateboard decks, the founder of Deckstool decided to make good use of them. Using trucks and broken boards, these stools are made from retired skateboards and can be used as seats or side tables. And by utilizing the more bruised and battered decks, the stools have […]