AAKKOSET by Helsinki designer Kayiwa is no ordinary storage. The bookcase incorporates typography to stow away whatever you wish — from books and magazines to travel souvenirs, giant robots and your extensive Kubrick collection. Measuring just over 6 feet, the AAKKOSET is an impactful piece of furniture that can be used as a traditional bookshelf, […]

22 Oct
The compact Cardboard Oddments Cabinet

Made of cardboard and studded on the outside to add some style, this Oddments Cabinet is loaded with drawers to hide away all the stupid small items scattered around your bedroom. Compact in a small sleek box you can fold up and hide away, it’s the perfect locker to store the things you just never […]

24 Sep
Suede-lined storage for your luxury accessories

I really appreciate the work of Paul Smith , I just wish I could afford more of his clothes, shoes and accessories. Such is the case for this Cufflink Box, which is compartmentalized to keep your expensive cufflinks organized. The wooden box is wrapped in premium leather, which is colored in the British designer’s signature […]

14 Jun
The Cocoon planter and various other types of Terrariums

It can be a difficult thing to bring a little life into a cement infested place like an apartment in a big city, but this is why Salmonsen has developed the Cocoon storage device. It can function as a planter, a place to grow spices and/or herbs, and can carry your various fruits (unless I’ve […]

1 Feb
Because regular storage is for losers

I used to think that the coolest thing about storage facilities was that some of them had air conditioning. That’s nothing compared to what the Robo Vault is packing. It’s completely automated. And this 465-unit building in Fort Lauderdale can hold its own against a Category 5 hurricane packing 200-mph winds. I haven’t  been able […]