25 Jan
The life's work of the legendary filmmaker & graphic designer

Pablo Ferro is a legendary filmmaker and graphic designer credited with the design of seminal title sequences like that of Dr. Strangelove and Beetlejuice. Following his life’s journey and work from his humble origins in Cuba to his partnerships with film and animation legends like Stan Lee, the film pieces together the story of an […]

Maybe because it’s 6 am and I haven’t had coffee yet, but Mr. T telling me to wear clothes, because if i don’t I’ll be arrested is kinda freaking me out. Happy Monday people…  This shit is just too good not to share.

This artist Patrick Moberg put out some anthropomorhiphophized animals on t-shirts, with such cute results as Aesop Croc and Piggie Smalls. Not life-changing, but some cool double-takes guaranteed…