20 Apr
Functional cardboard speakers for your iPod

Sure paper airplanes don’t really fly, but check out what a paper boombox can do. Yes it’s only made of folding cardboard, but it features workable amplified speakers that function on 4 AA batteries. Designed by the always brilliant SUCK UK, the iPod Paper Boombox can be yours for about $40 (£25). Jams not included.

Very similar to those Love Grenades that people went so bonkers about (but not so much like those USB Grenades), these Flower Grenades are the perfect gift for the secret cell guerilla gardener in your life. For those who don’t know, guerilla gardening is the growing urban passtime of taking over forgotten landscapes (vacant lots, […]

7 May
Legendary Lyrics From Classic Songs Printed For Your Enjoyment

A while back I gave some shine to It’s Pop It’s Art for their posters. Same idea here, legendary lyrics from classic songs printed for your enjoyment. This time around it’s coffee mugs. It’s done in collaboration with one of our favorite industrial design groups, Suck UK. Sam and Jude, the two creatives behind the […]

Nothing sucks more than an unorganized record collection. When I finally do get around to giving my currently chaotic situation a bit of order I’m getting these. It’s kinda like bringing the record store vibe into your home—they even scuffed them up a bit. We love Suck. Make the jump to see how they look […]