2 Sep
Latest in homemaking booze that pairs well with tuna tataki

If you and your drank are like white on rice, then have we got the DIY booze-making kit for you. The Norse Hutchens sake-making kit claims to simplify a potentially complex spirit-crafting process, giving you the most authentic Japanese drink kit that a company out of Illinois — or your bathtub — can offer. Basically you just […]

As we posted last week, Lost In a Supermarket was invited by Lexus to the unveiling of the latest generation of their flagship luxury sedan, the LS. But Lexus didn’t just want to invite a bunch of jaded, weary and bloated auto journos to Napa to take their gem out for a few laps around […]

21 Sep
Modeled after actual famous blades

Sure, purchasing chopsticks shaped like samurai swords is a no brainer. But what makes these even more priceless is that they’re imported from Japan, not some Sri Lankan sweatshop (I like my novelty toys to be as authentic as possible). Second, the swords are actual reproductions of real blades, famous swords from feudal Japan — […]

Ever since 2004 London-based artist Riitta Ikonen has been entertaining herself by sending bizarre postal packages to her friend Margaret Huber. It all started with a holiday project titled Location Vocation Vacation which called for one post card a week to be sent as a document of experiences to Huber, who was then Ikonen’s Illustration […]

19 Feb
"tommy sushi" by Paramodel makes for a very expensive practical joke

I’m not sure what the bigger joke is, that someone would eat one of these and realize it’s actually a piece of plastic, or that some buffoon would willingly drop $270 for it ($295 with shipping). Japanese design/artist duo Paramodel simply combined a toy truck called “tomica” with a food model of sushi — like […]

24 Nov
Get rid of that little rock on the table

You know that little rock on the table when you go out to eat sushi for you to rest your chopsticks on? Mikiya Kobayashi got rid of that pebble by tapering the tips of chopsticks so they can rest on the table without the tips touching. Chopsticks have just been improved upon…who would have thought. […]