Very similar to those Love Grenades that people went so bonkers about (but not so much like those USB Grenades), these Flower Grenades are the perfect gift for the secret cell guerilla gardener in your life. For those who don’t know, guerilla gardening is the growing urban passtime of taking over forgotten landscapes (vacant lots, […]

18 Mar
It won't help you avoid being eaten by zombies

Grocery bags, they’re everywhere you look. Fluttering from tree branches, stuck in sewage drains and jammed into that one drawer in the corner of your kitchen. Why do you jam that drawer full of plastic bags? Do you need that many bags? Really the only thing I use them for is wrapping my smoke alarm. […]

Frank M. Rinderknecht — Swiss-born inventor, entrepreneur and founder of Rinspeed Inc. — always seems to debut something wacky and automotively fringe every year in Geneva, and this year was no different. Compared to the Rinspeed sQuba or Splash (or last year’s uber-useless iChange, the first car to be controlled by an iPhone), this year’s […]

11 Feb
Up recycling bottle caps into fine jewelry

Yoav Kotik designs his Kotik Precious Metal collection of earrings, brooches, rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendents from discarded bottle caps. Although they’re called “Precious Metals”, I’m not sure I see any actual precious metals — unless he’s being ironic, of course. Absorbing the pop iconography of these brands and their well marketed images — eg […]

These solar-powered LED lights by Miniwiz illustrate the true potential of design intersecting ingenuity. Re-purposing the ubiquitous plastic bottle — that heinous bane of the enviroment — into a usable light source, Miniwiz have transformed a liability into an asset. You just screw the LED lights in place of the cap and leave it outside. […]

31 Jan
"A Study In Green Grass" by Mitsuru Katsumoto

Somebody should really pass these along to Dick Cheney. Designed by Japanese artist Mitsuru Katsumoto,  her “A Study In Green Grass” piece would do wonders for his ecological wraith mindset. And if they don’t change his outlook, at least it’ll keep him blind for the time being…

28 Jan
Recycle your old Schwinn and get drunk

You have to love it when recycling unused parts and old machinery can be used in the aiding of drinking beer. These flexible, recycled bike chains come attached to anodized aluminum heads available in 5 colors, tho I prefer the clean stainless finish. Buy for only $12 here.

27 Jan
Can personal hydrogen stations jumpstart the fuel cell movement?

Honda today began operation of a next generation solar hydrogen station (SHS) prototype, intended for ultimate use as a home refueling appliance capable of an overnight refill of fuel cell electric vehicles. Designed as a single, integrated unit to fit in the user’s garage, Honda’s next generation Solar Hydrogen Station reduces the size of the […]