10 Sep
Channel your dusty mixtapes directly onto your iPhone or iPod

You can always count on Hammacher Schlemmer to provide stuff that you never knew you wanted, but then realize you cannot live without (e.g. their Fighting Super Bionic Robots, “Thunderclap” Alarm Clock or Swiss Army Knife Chocolates). Such is the case with their Cassette To iPod Converter — a simple piece of digital magic that […]

Wenger decided to end the war of Swiss Army Knife Buildup by creating the well-named Giant Swiss Army Knife, the Guinness World Record holder for “The Most Multifunctional Penknife.” I’m not sure what a penknife is, but I’m pretty sure this has to hold some kind of record. Weighing over 2 pounds,this Swiss Army knife […]

18 May
World's first Swiss Army-knife trailer

In celebration of their 125th Anniversary, Victorinox Swiss Army announced its new 19′ trailer made in collaboration with Airstream — makers of the legendary aluminum silver-backed trailers. Only 125 will be made, and they go on sale June 15, 2009 starting at $59,000. From the list of accouterments, however, I’m not entirely sure what Victorinox […]