Perhaps you’re planning to live off the land in a few short months, or maybe you’re expecting a zombie attack or the end of the world (no, really this time). Or maybe you’re just doubling down on that whole Mayan Apocalypse thing. If so, the Just-In-Case Kits from O. F. Mossberg & Sons might possibly […]

5 Jul
Gold Giraffe and Silver Zebra synthetic leather high tops

Originally released in 1988, the “All Star Animals” from Converse get an updated revision called the “Ani-Metallic”. The Gold Giraffe and Silver Zebra print are made from synthetic leather, and can be picked up from select retailers for $100.   via Hypebeast

4 Mar
The Futurist and Godfather of Singularity

Transcendent Man, the documentary on the life and ideas of fearless Futurist and Singularity visionary Ray Kurzweil’s has been uploaded to YouTube for all to see. Directed by filmmaker Barry Ptolemy, the doc follows the millionaire inventor and best selling author of The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology as he promotes his book […]