Pubic School is definitely one of Lost in a Supermarket’s favorite lines. This shirt says it all and pretty much underlines their attitude and aesthetic. You’ll be hearing more about these guys in the future… stay tuned.

Warhol Factory x Levi’s x Damien Hirst. You can find the collection at Fred Segal

If you like techno, you probably still haven’t heard of James Din A4. Dude should get more props. Makes music (about 20 records so far), which he releases through his Esel label and runs his graphics company MadeWithHate, where he releases these shirts under. There’s tons of artwork to discover on his site. He’s also […]

I don’t play tennis at all and could really care less about cocaine, yet i still want this shirt. Dig the razor blade action in the crest. Go Yoko Devereux.

Sometime the simplest things make the most impact. There’s really nothing crazy about Wasted German Youth’s designs, but it’s being knocked off like crazy. Don’t get caught up with dodgy fakes and wasted bootlegs. Get it direct from the source.

London based Passarella Death Squad’s “C’est la fin”. Not the easiest thing to get your hands on stateside… check their Stockists list online.

There’s really nothing bad about Blood Is The New Black. Just about every shirt these guys put out is something worth wearing. We’re picky bastards too. The idea is simple, showcase up and coming talent and push their career forward. Here’s one from artist Patrick Jilbert. Blood Is The New Black

Every Monday (at least until I grow tired of doing so), I’m going to round up 5 t-shirts. One for each day of the week—weekends don’t count…those days are typically enjoyed shirtless. Lets kick things off with indie band Cazals. Man, their life doesn’t suck right now. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a problem […]