30 Jul
David Corden of Ritual Art Tattoo shop in London, UK

David Corden is one of the UK’s leading realism tattoo artists. While his work may not have the social impact or exotic skullduggery of, say, Russian Prison Tattoos, his impressive pin-ups and portraits demonstrate talent with a very keen attention to detail, smooth color transitions and striking resemblance to the source image. All of which […]

18 Oct
2 new jackets from latest S2A collaboration

French design powerhouse Surface To Air have previously collaborated with Justice (seen HERE) and Kings of Leon for their leather jacket releases to massive success. Their latest collection sees S2A teaming up with acclaimed American tattoo artist Scott Campbell, who drops 2 editions: “Dead Fucks” featuring funeral-inspired drawings and the “Cobra Jacket”, which features intricately […]

21 Jul
NOWNESS visits the tattoo sensei's studio in Yokohama

Master Japanese tattoo artist Horiyoshi III (born Yoshihito Nakano) first became stunned by the artistry of tattoos after running into a fully inked Yakuza at a bathhouse as a boy. After seeing the gangster’s shocking full body suit, Horiyoshi III was inspired to learn the craft himself, and at the age of 25 earned a […]