Luke Chueh initially started out by painting up a print of a thirst-quenching, tapioca-pearl drink pun of a Star Wars favorite — but it has now made its way to the Singapore Flabslab factory as a 9″ resin toy. Considering that the limited-edition Boba Fett print sold out something fast, it’s no wonder that the artist not only follows […]

18 Jul
Tea cozies just got deadly

Any tea-drinking enthusiast can attest to the hardships they go through in keeping their favorite hot drink steeped to perfection. This tea cozy may do just the trick as it keeps the tea warm while it brews. Making tea for one or many? Slip this hand-knitted balaclava wool cozy on and you’ve got a discussion […]

14 Feb
What will we mix with next?

I am a big fan of flavored vodkas in general, even if they tend to make me end up in a face plant. And speaking of plants, Absolut Wild Tea is infused with elderflower and some subtle earthy expression of black tea — a recipe originally used for the limited edition Absolut Boston vodka. Or […]

7 Feb
Dapper tea steeping action

There is a science to steeping tea, and the Penguin has it figured out. Set your teabag in your brew for a range anywhere from 1-20 minutes, at which point his beak lifts, and your tea is done. Stands 8″ tall and is yours for $30.

18 Nov
Seating inspired by traditional tea whisks

Inspired by a traditional tea whisk used in Japanese culture, Hiroki Takada‘s Tea Ceremony Chair will be presented in Tokyo’s designer week. The piece is entirely constructed of bamboo and resembles the shape that of something simple and overlooked in most Japanese households, yet the intricate shape is inspiring: split bamboo that is cut into […]

4 Feb
Make a fashion statement with your tea

I love when a simple clever idea turns the banal into amusement, if even for a moment. Probably not the “greenest” idea, as the individual hangers have to be thrown away, but these Hanger Tea tshirt-shaped teabags by Soon Mo Kang are just too cool of an idea. Not only are the tea bags in […]

14 Oct
More LIAS parties to get up to get down

It’s a busy upcoming two weeks for Lost In a Supermarket, as we’re sponsoring a couple LA Fashion Week parties (like the Victor Wilde show below) as well as the DRIOD 7 Year Anniversary Party this weekend (more on that later), then the BMI/dubFrequency/Lostinasupermarket showcase at CMJ in New York next weekend. Now that’s a […]