11 Jun
Teddy bear heads, wings, belt buckles & ankle cuff footwear

You may remember the ultracolor rave hippie teddy bear adorned high-tops we previewed, and wondering what else Jeremy Scott has in store for his Fall/Winter 2012 sneaker collection. How much wilder can it get, you ask? Turns out, quite a bit — the line includes the aforementioned teddy bear heads, plus copious wings, bold colorful […]

29 Oct
BBC Comedy's Misery Bear in "Dawn of the Ted"

Sure we’ve wondered if androids dream of electric sheep, but have you ever stopped to ponder whether stuffed animals dream of getting attacked by hordes of zombified Teddy Bears? Makes you think, doesn’t it. After watching the latest installment of BBC Comedy’s web series starring Misery Bear, I guess the answer is yes. A very […]

11 Nov
From shooting milk with teddy bears to the existential pain of robots

PresidiaCreative did a really nice job compiling 55 Epic, Weird and Totally Awesome Images. As they put it: “There are some incredibly talented and creative minds in the field of graphic design.  Combining 3D, photomanipulation, and digital painting can result in some pretty incredible effects.  However, designers don’t always create serious images for clients, sometimes, […]