17 Sep
So how do I nominate Dov Charney for a Nobel Peace Prize?

You have to hand it to Dov Charney — the guy knows how to sell tshirts. Homeboy’s made a fortune selling the same v-necks and tights you can buy at any swap meet, but he’s mastered the age-old formula of associating your product with hot, half-naked chicks and, Presto blammo! your shit is flying off […]

Alife just released a few organic cotton tees today. This is my favorite. Get ‘em while you can.

Here’s a few great music inspired tees from cult Japanese label, Hysteric Glamour. The Interweb is your best place to pick these up… not the easiest brand to find in stores. Try Aloha Rag or 80’s Purple. Happy hunting. Also came across a pair of Cause x Hysteric moccasins. Damn those are sweet.

The designer has a lot of great work up on his site worth checking out. Hit the store. I particularly like his concert posters. Here’s one of my favorites.