27 Jan
Docu-series profiles Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick & the trailblazers of the Sci-Fi universe

A recent edition to the ZZZFROMHELLZZZ channel on Youtube are three hour-long documentaries related to Science Fiction. The first, Profits of Science Fiction: Arthur C. Clarke, centers on Sci-Fi visionary Sir Arthur C. Clark, the revered science fiction writer responsible for some of the most iconic stories of the genre. The landmark novel 2001: A […]

You may have been privy to the recent lover’s spat between iPhone’s AT&T and the Droid’s Verizon that played out over national airwaves. Well, the two have made up, but AT&T is sleeping on the couch. The telecommunications giant with “the nation’s fastest 3G network” dropped it’s suit against Verizon today which requested Verizon to […]