18 Oct
The latest entry into the suddenly crowding luxury EV segment

Cadillac  has decided to take its quite stunning Converj concept from 2009 (which we covered way back when) and move it into production, a very big announcement from GM’s luxury division. Another smart power play from Caddy, who really seem to be hitting on all cylinders at the moment — from the knockout punch of […]

10 Feb
The all-electric startup that could aims for the common folk

Tesla’s much anticipated Model X CUV prototype was unveiled last night at owner Elon Musk’s design house in Los Angeles, and it looks better than many of its competition. The Model X is derived from Tesla’s Model S, which has its sights set on more popular price point that its Roadster simply could not hit […]

14 Sep
Karma's Shooting Brake cousin debuts at Frankfurt Motor Show

By now you should now know about Fisker Automotive, a California-based independent startup founded by premier designer Henrik Fisker — best known for penning the gorgeous Aston Martin DB9, V8 Vantage and BMW Z8. But unlike most startup auto companies, Fisker actually has a chance of succeeding — first because it’s executive board is loaded […]

30 Sep
AC vs DC? Does this mean they're both gay?

This short and winsome tale tells the story of one Nikolai Tesla vs. the Douchebaggery of Thomas Edison. Now I know Edison did a lot of crazy shit himself, like invent the lightbulb, record player and film camera, but the man held many things to be desired — such as his respect for onetime employee-soon-to-be-nemesis  […]

4 Jun
The inimitable fashion of Victor Wilde and The Bohemian Society

We’ve been following Victor Wilde’s work for awhile now, mostly because he’s not one of those dudes that just talks a lot of game and then never delivers — he’s a true out hustler. And a very talented designer. At our Liberace’s Penthouse party Victor performed his Living Dolls art show, which is essentially a […]

4 Dec
Design Los Angeles selects the Nissan V2G as the winner of this year's Design Challenge

Entering its fifth year, Design Los Angeles’ Design Challenge has evolved into one of the more interesting aspects of the annual Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS). Every year they challenge design studios to create a vehicle for a specific market – past Challenges have included predicting what Motor Sports would look like in 2025, or […]

1 May
Charlie Meadows plugs the Roadster in for a spin

Hit the Jump to read Charlie Meadow’s Tesla Roadster review, plus the latest Tesla news and photo gallery of the drive. All photos of Tesla Roadster by Robert Kerian

While Lotus’ Elise and Exige are dope little sports cars (as well as the chassis behind the Tesla), what they certainly are not is luxurious. Inside, the cars are about as comfortable and plush as a YMCA bathroom. Finally, with their new Evora, Lotus has a car with guts to match its supermodel looks. The […]