27 Nov
Can we make this international already?

I know it’s not an international holiday, but dammit if it shouldn’t be. Instead of spreading “democracy” and “freedom”, I think America should concentrate on spreading “Thanksgiving” — easily the best American invention. What’s there not to like? You sit around all day, watch football, eat till you slip into a tryptophanic coma, and drink […]

Starting early this past summer, Raekwon figured out for us that #TBT can mean more than posting old acne-scarred photos of prom night. Since then, vintage soul and R&B jams got a Raekwon weekly redo thanks to a little Wu-spiration. The “Throwback-Thursday/TBT” mixes included new flows over the likes of many classics from the Gap Band, the Isley Brothers and The Spinners, […]

24 Nov
A little Thanksgiving hip-hop giving from Chicago to the world

Just in time for Thanksgiving weekend, Lupe Fiasco gives the world his long anticipated mixtape Friend of the People. Give the master Chi-town lyricist’s latest a stream below, and if you like what you hear download Lupe Fiasco’s Friend of the People and share it with the ones you love. Leftover turkey, stuffing & Lupe? Better […]

26 Nov
Stuff yourself stupid!

I suppose it’s good news, but its effects are bad. You may have noticed some problems logging onto Lost In a Supermarket lately, and that is because our traffic has outgrown our server allotment. Part of this makes us happy (mostly the part where there’s a lot of you guys coming back), while part of […]

23 Nov
Pre Turkey Day Celebration

Ok people, if you are up for a little merrymaking the night before national turkey day we here at Lost In A Supermarket are teaming up with our boys from the Le Branché crew for a little pre turkey day celebration. We’re doing it speakeasy style at the R Bar in Korea Town. Just rap […]