3 Jun
Grab a seat on the stool made from newspapers or periodicals

The NJUStudio Hockenheim stool, as it’s called, is a DIY’ers dream come true. Recyclers around the world can rejoice in knowing this newest piece of furniture is made up in part by old magazines that might otherwise be thrown in the trash, and hoarders might rejoice in knowing their library of old Vanity Fairs can […]

10 Jun
Guy Handles Pens And Markers Like A Samurai Handles The Sword

I’ve been a fan of Jody Barton’s typographical work for a minute now. The English artist has been popping up in some of my favorite magazines throughout the years (Dazed and Confused, Vice, the Face (RIP), Intersection, WAD to name a few). Once you get a feel for his work there’s no mistaking it. Guy […]