5 Nov
Looking for the perfect holiday gift for that music junky in your life?

There’s no getting around the fact that music is pretty much free nowadays. And that’s why The Music Tee is two shades of brilliant… offering something tangible in the digital age. We’ve covered these folks before, but in case you’re not familiar, The Music Tee offers complete albums (plus a variety of compilations) in a […]

28 May
Effectively Merging Music And Fashion

I’m not bringing this to you because the music is particularly amazing. I’m not saying the line up sucks, though (Magic Arm, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Lettie, Passenger, Holmes, Waz, Amy Kuney, Charlie Mars, Alice Russell, Theresa Andersson, The Silent Years, Mason Proper, Nive Nielsen, Afternoon) it’s just a bit on the Nick and Norah […]