21 Dec
Peter Jackson's next foray into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien

My god can you stand it?! I’m in full nerd-out glory mode here, as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has to be one of the more anticipated movies of the decade. This first trailer doesn’t show much of the action, but it sets the mood for what we can expect with Peter Jackson’s next foray […]

24 Jun
The Invention of Lying, Twilight New Moon, Couples Retreat and Sherlock Holmes in short blast format

While flying to Italy for another top secret mission (to be disclosed in the very near future) I was forced to suffer through Lufthansa’s in-flight entertianment, which actually isn’t all that bad. In a sado-masochistic way, I kind of enjoy the chance to see movies I would never see in the real world. Or rather, […]

You know how Ken from Sales has that Kobe bobblehead on his desk that he’s so proud of? And then there’s Judy over in Accounts Receivables with her Dwight from The Office bobblehead, who’s totally considers herself way outside the box? Well now you can show up both those chumps with your super clever Che […]

7 Jan
French street gymnastics + Singapore flip-book techniques

Brilliant flip book animation by Singapore’s saggyarmpit. Even tho The Office recently joked about Parkour being the “internet sensation of 2004”, her usage of pen and ink and old school flip book style is worth a tip of the hat… parkour motion reel from saggyarmpit on Vimeo.

14 Aug
The pocket urinal for men

It is a rite of passage, a tradition handed down from father to son. It is a staple of popular culture, having been featured in movies such as Dumb & Dumber and television shows such as The Office. It is something I myself did when I was five years old, on the way home from […]