California-based Salt Optics releases its Collection Two line of eyewear for 2011, incorporating their usual use of high end materials and quality craftsmanship. Japanese and Italian acetates are mixed with lightweight beta titanium for comfort and quality. Many styels feature a throwback look, such as the Clay frames below. Hit up Salt directly and see […]

11 Feb
Schwinn's Meridian 3-Wheeled Bicycle

When first learning to ride a bike, most of us used the assistance of a third wheel. Well you don’t have to be in single digits anymore to ride a tricycle. The good people from Schwinn have come out with the Meridian Tri-Bike for adults — perfect for those who use bikes for leisure rides […]

7 Jul
Throwback motorcycle helmets at real world prices

It was about time that Bell got in on the vintage motorcycle trend — really no reason to let the Frenchies over at Les Ateliers Ruby mint all the money themselves. Sure Bell dropped that Steve McQueen replica last year, but this is their first widespread reissue. Based on their original 1954 “500” helmet, this […]

10 Nov
Pepsi's limited time cola uses real cane sugar instead of corn syrup...and wins its way back into my sugar-starved heart

I was particularly thirsty at a photoshoot the other day and I did something I almost never do — I stuck my hand in the icy goodness of the cooler and pulled out a Pepsi. It’s not that I have anything against Pepsi, it’s just that I very rarely drink soda. So I pull the […]