30 Apr
Bulletproof electro damage to get your weekend moving

Atlanta’s Le Castle Vania has just dropped his first official mixtape with the impossibly-80’s title of Bulletproof Tiger. If you’re not familiar with the music of Dylan Eiland let’s just say it is hard. Like, that school of blog-house electro that makes kids turn into moshing morons. In other words, it’s the perfect way to […]

Holy shit, this video is nuts. MIA obviously has no interest in tempering government perception of alleged terrorist leanings. Just because your dad (who she’s never met) is a Tamil Tiger does not make you a terrorist, but the Feds felt enough suspicion in her vague lyrics to deny her a visa to the states […]

24 Feb
Société Horlogère Reconvilier unveils the Hercules Golf Master

So cheating and golf have been in the news a bit recently, but I’m not sure if this qualifies. Swiss watch manufacturer SHR (Société Horlogère Reconvilier) introduced the Hercules Golf Master, a GPS-enabled wristwatch that automatically calculates the distance to the golf course flags using up-to-date and high precision technology. Of course given it’s a […]