After releasing his Battersea Gymkhana video last month to promote the DiRT 3 video game, master rally driver Ken Block releases a tilt-shift version to get the eyeballs stimulated. Already a stunning visual feast will all his infamous Gymkhana videos, the tilt-shift photography application gives an entirely new look to the razor sharp precision stunts […]

11 Oct
Sam O'Hare's Tilt-Shift film "Coachelletta"

Using the magic of Tilt-Shift photography, filmmaker Sam O’Hare captured all the awesomeness (OK, some of it) of the Coachella Music Festival in his short video Coachelletta. As O’Hare says in an interview for Aero Film, “I like the serendipity of occasionally finding people doing interesting things, like the girl doing the hula hoop and […]