23 Aug
Romain Jerome's limited edition 20-piece arcade inspired watch

Swiss watch maker Romain Jerome, who we featured before with the release of his rather otherworldly Space Invaders watch, is back with another arcade game inspired timepiece: the iconic Pac-Man. Made of Moon SilverRJ (a low-oxidation silver fused with actual moon rocks) and gems, the headturning watch features a Swiss automatic Concepto movement. The PAC-MAN […]

8 May
Celebrating 85th anniversary of Nürburgring, the world’s most demanding racetrack

The ultimate judge of all time pieces is commemorating the 85th anniversary of the world’s most demanding racetrack with the new Nordschleife 1927 24-hour watch. The Nordschleife is the hardest section of the Nürburgring, which many consider to be the most demanding racetrack in the world. German for ‘North Loop,’ the Nordschleife opened for business on June 18, […]

16 Aug
The $59,000 limited edition Memento Mori, Carpe Diem! watch

If you’ve ever wondered what a really, really rich goth rocker would wear as a timepiece, may we present you with the Memento Mori, Carpe Diem! wristwatch. Translated as “remember you will die, so seize the day”, the existentialist watch was designed by Daniel Strom, son of watch maker Armin Strom. The heavily death-themed watch […]

24 Mar
The Hamilton Time Player Watch

Designers just can’t seem to get away from using the 9-square sliding puzzle, but unlike that Slide-Puzzle table American watchmaker Hamilton is modifying it to the wristwatch market. The Hamilton Time Player was crafted from a design originally created for a clock featured in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey, and will be available sometime in […]

Lord knows we love our blacked out watches, so Tsovet‘s latest in its SVT-NM85 line hits us in a special place. Available as of yesterday (February 1st), the Swiss movement-enhanced NM85 is a 50mm diving watch influenced by the Imperial Navy’s Baltic Fleet divers. The limited edition timepiece will only set you back about $500.