11 Dec
The ultimate package to prolong your shoe envy

Shoe envy. It’s what the sneaker enthusiast is all about. But as footwear accessories maker Jason Markk and Philippines-based retailer Titan well know, you can’t inspire envy with a dirty pair of kicks. In a collaborated effort, the two companies present their Essential Shoe Grooming Kit to help continue all that glorious shoe envy. With […]

13 Aug
PG's Blacktrail will only run you about $80,000

PG Bikes has just released the Blacktrail, a new electric bike in conjunction with UBC who are famed for their body work in Formula 1 racing. PG Bikes will only release 667 Blacktrails, each zero emission bicycle fully composed of carbon fiber, titanium, magnesium and aluminum. The bike can reach speeds of up to 100 […]