14 Nov
600cc-level performance in a 250cc-level body

Honda will unveil several new concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, including this electric powered RC-E motorcycle. Because of the powertrain, the bike achieves 600cc-level performance in a 250cc-level body. The electric concept is outfitted with  Brembo brakes, Ohlins fork and shock and is shown in a Mike Hailwood colorway — plus it comes […]

28 Oct
Almost as green as that other transportation device...your feet...

I love how personal Segway-like machines are heralded as “green” cos they don’t use much power to cart your lazy ass around. You know what’s more green than lithium ion batteries and solar panels? Walking, u lazy fuck! Take that retarded bike helmet off your head, get off the self-powered walker/scooter/unicycle and take part in […]