23 Apr
New Art Correspondent Freddi C hits up MOCA for opening night

We previewed the Transmission LA: AV CLUB last week, and sent new Art Correspondent Freddi C with mic and camera in tow to check out the exhibit. This was her recap… As the sun set downtown at the Geffen Contemporary MOCA, the Veuve flowed under an enormous shiny Mercedes-Benz logo suspended to look like a giant […]

20 Apr
The Avant-Garde Diaries hosts their 2nd exhibit in L.A.

We were guests of Mercedes-Benz last night at their Transmission LA: AV CLUB exhibit, and the show was by all means a great success. As we explained in our interview with Mike D, who is curating the event, the array of artist involved is impressive (including Peter Coffin, Benjamin Jones, Mike Mills, Tom Sachs, Sage […]

When you’re offered five minutes with one of your heroes, you jump on it with vigor like Kool Aid-geeked grade schoolers on a trampoline. Or at least, you should. Such is the case with one Mike Diamond, aka Mike D, the high-pitched smooth talker in the archetypal Beastie Boys. In this humble man’s opinion, if […]

17 Mar
Stave off alien attacks with this astro-stabber

Limited to only 100 produced and supposedly used on the moon by astronauts, this Tom Sachs Spyderco Delica 4 pocket blade was altered by the space commander himself. Selling for $500, each knife comes with a certificate laying out the rules of use for this stabber. Break any of the six rules four times, your […]

10 Sep
Art that Imitates Function...

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut is hosting this Tom Sachs sculpture exhibit until Sept. 16. He carves, molds and shapes various materials into cameras. If you scroll through some of the photos you’ll realize that Sachs has an odd obsession with NASA. Hey, I’m not judging. As a matter of fact, I love […]