21 May
Limited edition run of only 300 of Dutch artist's toys

Dutch artist Parra has collaborated with Kidrobot to bring his 2-D painting to the next dimension for a limited edition of 300 pieces titled “Pierced”. Like his Parra vs. Toykyo “Fly New Coffee Table”, Parra’s paintings seem to manifest well into the 3-D world. Originally a silkscreen painting, the “Pierced” figure will stand 10″ tall […]

21 Jan
When coffee tables grow legs... for real...

Parra’s artwork is usually presented in 2D mode, but seeing his super-fat style manifested into 3D format — especially for something as usually mundane as a coffeetable — is rad. The Dutch artist collaborated with the Belgium-based Toykyo for this limited edition furniture, called The Fly New Coffee Table. The Botero-like feet are common for […]