14 Feb
Experience the world through telephoto, fisheye & wide angles

California based iZZi Gadgets makes technology chic with their accessories for Apple. Proudly introducing the iZZi Orbit for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, their latest gadget uses Peripheral Motion Lock Technology in conjunction with three interchangeable lens options — telephoto, fisheye, and wide angle — allowing you to see your world as through your […]

3 Sep
Ikonoskop's A-cam dII camera changes the game

Ikonoskop’s A-cam dII promises to revolutionize amateur film-making with manifold advances. It is the only digital video camera providing totally uncompressed images in RAW format — meaning images are completely uncompressed. The idea being that the A-cam dII captures pure high-resolution images, and lets your computer do the necessary processing afterward. Its size is also […]

13 Jul
Get shots you never could before with Joby's Gorillapod Magnetic

Even amateur photographers, if they want to elevate their craft, will frequently find themselves in need of a tripod. No, you can’t carry a 10-pound professional telescoping tripod everywhere you go, but you can make do with a more portable option that you can bust out under low light, when conditions force you to use […]

16 Nov
Under $20 too

Madman Mundt lost his 3G iPhone this weekend. I figured I’d rub it in a bit by giving some shine to this 8x telescope manual focus lens and stand built for the very same phone he lost. Out of love, of course. The package comes complete with a lens, a hard case, a holder and […]