27 Oct
Cassina re-releases four mid-century modern classics

A recreation of original La Corbusier designs, Cassina has brought the mid-century modernist’s furniture pieces back to life. Originally designed in 1952 in the South of France, the designer Charles-Edouard Le Corbusier was inspired by such things as old whiskey crates found abandoned on dusty roadsides, typical of the Le Corbusier’s famed interest in objet […]

19 Aug
One man's garbage is another man's treasure

The work of Hamburg-based artist Thorsten Brinkmann is strangely disturbing and unsettling, in a way that you cannot quite put your finger on. By all descriptive accounts, his pieces are fairly innocuous — just people with random objects placed all over them. Yet there’s something sinister in the portraits. Something about substituting body parts with […]