We’re cleary big fans of TrustoCorp, following their antics from their Sarah Palin Sex Tape Nightmare! fake magazines to their Zombie Kim Kardashian Eats Herself! tabloids to their best known work making fake street signs. Now the subversive collective has teamed up with fellow rabblerouser and social critic Shepard Fairey for another collection of pseudo consumer products […]

Despite the armies of lackluster taggers and copycat wheatpasters, some artistic misfits put a lot of vision and meaning into their work. You know a street artist(s) paints an accurate portrayal of society when they create a magazine featuring the double-donked Kim K in such a state of narcissism that she eats her own face. […]

8 Dec
Lost In a Supermarket breaks down our best ART of 2011

It’s about that time that we begin looking back at the year that was at LOST IN A SUPERMARKET. A whole year means a lot of amazingly awesome and amazingly bad crap we’ve found floating around this Great Existential Supermarket we all live in, so it’s time to get things going. We’re gonna kick off […]

Since we first saw TrustoCorp’s subversive street art we’ve been fans. In the over-saturated, bloated world of street art, it takes doing something really different in order to stick out from the crowd (or just doing something really well). Plus, it always helps to have a strong message as all their fake street signs do […]

I have to say I really like what these by TrustoCorp guys are up to (remember these?). Yes, wheat pasting that little cool ghost or cartoon or stupid smiley face with long legs is tired as all hell, but taking the time to create metal signs and place them in public spaces is taking things […]

25 Jan
Street art taken to the street...signs

Street art, let’s face it, has become a bit stale. Every guy with wheat paste and passing illustration skills is trying to make a name for himself by taking their art to the streets, empty billboards and electric utility boxes everywhere. Sometimes the results are great (Space Invader, Banksy, etc), and sometimes less so — […]