24 May
Reinventing stainless steel original DMC-12 car in bike form

Famed 80s automotive icon DeLorean Motor Company relaunched years back, thanks to BritStephen Wynne who bought all the dead stock parts and began remaking the cars from scratch (with many high tech improvements along the way). Now Wynne and DMC has decided to reinstate the stainless steel of the original DMC-12 gullwing car with three […]

3 Feb
The classic re-designed & re-imagined as a modern concept car

This 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1-RS rebuild is the brainchild of Jeremy Gerber, co-owner of the Roadster Shop, and customer Barry Blomquist. The idea for the car was to build a modern concept car version of the landmark 1962 Corvette, with artist Eric Brockmeyer brought in to help with renderings and lend ideas for the actual […]

3 Jun
New Fatman iTube ValveDock providing real vacuum tube sound with high quality design

Our overweight tech-savvy friend is coming through big on this one. The new Fatman iTube ValveDock is providing a new quality to the sound of your music, creating a new affordable and portable audio device that is easy to use with the exceptional quality of a true vacuum tube amp. It utilizes a hybrid-tube design platform, […]