New York mashup king Scott Melker returns with teh third edition of his Melker Project series. Like the previous mixtapes, The Melker Project 3 boasts over 200 tracks — and that’s clocking in at under one hour (49 minutes to be exact). but it’s not just the prolificity involved, the mixes are seamless and the […]

Have you been looking for a way to digitize your old N.W.A. tapes and Brand Nubian vinyl to digital, but didn’t know how? Do you find yourself wandering the streets with old Doc Martin, DJ Dan and Barry Weaver mixtapes, but no place to actually play them? You ever at a kegger with a stray […]

8 Mar
Celebrating 15 years of the high-end German turntable maker

The high end German turntable maker Acoustic Signature introduces its flagship model, the Ascona, crafted to celebrate the brand’s 15 years in existence. And for their anniversary, they’re not playing around: not only will each Ascona cost you $34,000,  but you better be prepared to have your own moving team if you hope to lug […]

Do you want to convert your Apple iPad into the greatest piece of DJ equipment ever known to mankind (R.I.P. Technics)? Well good luck, that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. What we may have very soon, however, is a passable replica. Software maker Algoriddim is allegedly converting their popular djay app for Mac to the […]

4 Oct
The glossy, sleek and high tech turntable

A very pretty piece of DJ equipment, the Finish CLUB Deluxe DJ table is a glossy sleek and high tech looking turntable surface, free of the messy tangles of connection cables and the ugly aesthetic of dust accumulation. The assemblage is simple, consisting of only 3 pieces — holes are in one of its supports […]

3 Aug
Transfer your vinyl into the digital age

Take a look at your vinyl collection. When was the last time you actually listened to them? Sure, you’d like to say you you prefer the rich, deep tones of vinyl — but how often do you really dust off your copy of The Harder They Come and slip it on the old Technics? Crosley […]

Darkcloud Silver presents to DJs, urban culturists, and music lovers alike the perfect hardware to show the world what you’re passionate about. The limited edition line of jewelry is designed by the Sydney based artist Nathan Thomas. Each piece is unique and made from genuine silver, so the price tag is not without reason. I’m […]

23 Apr
A low cost approach to vinyl appreciation

Have you ever looked at teh price of turntables and caused a bit of fluttering in your heart? You don’t even need to get as crazy as the DaVinci Audio Lab one, I’m just talking about even intro-level turntables. Well Teenage Engineering has come up with a very cool project to counter the extravagant expense. […]