6 Sep
Roland 808 & 101, Technics 1210 & Flying V in tee format

British label Passarella Death Squad is releasing a new line of high-end tshirts this autumn, made in collaboration with London music venue KOKO. As usual for PSD, the shirts use premium Japanese cotton with custom cuts to display their visuals that take an appreciative eye on the female form. The illustrations feature comely ladies in […]

1 Nov
Display your inner turntable geek proudly

Ever wanted the entire history of the record player — from “Berliner’s first gramophone, through the explosion of designs of the 1950s and the sleek UFO styling of the 1970s, to today’s high-performance superstars” — represented in one simple poster? Well gosh darn it, you’re in luck. The Visual Hi-Fi History of Turntables poster features landmark, […]

3 Aug
Transfer your vinyl into the digital age

Take a look at your vinyl collection. When was the last time you actually listened to them? Sure, you’d like to say you you prefer the rich, deep tones of vinyl — but how often do you really dust off your copy of The Harder They Come and slip it on the old Technics? Crosley […]

23 Apr
A low cost approach to vinyl appreciation

Have you ever looked at teh price of turntables and caused a bit of fluttering in your heart? You don’t even need to get as crazy as the DaVinci Audio Lab one, I’m just talking about even intro-level turntables. Well Teenage Engineering has come up with a very cool project to counter the extravagant expense. […]

15 Apr
Preview that slightly warped copy of "The Harder They Come" before purchasing it

The Crosley Revolution is designed for those purists still out crate digging at the Pasadena Swapmeet on Sundays, getting their fingers dusty desperately searching for that lost piece of vinyl gold. The two-speed turntable features a USB hookup for easy analog-to-digital transfer (i.e. recording your old LPs into your laptop), dual headphone jacks, dynamic full […]

5 Apr
DaVinci's UniSon MK II still in love with vinyl

While vinyl continues taking hits as a mainstream sonic medium, it remains the preferred option for true audiophiles for its wider dynamic range and quality. Sure vinyl has even lost its place in the hallowed bins of DJs across the globe, who’ve put down their crates and clicked on their Seratos, but investment in a […]

20 Oct
Tree tumors turned into turntables

Joel Scilley makes some unique turntables, indeed. His company is called Audiowood. Most of his designs are made using Burl wood, a quick growing, abnormal growth found on some trees. It’s like a tree tumor. It’s usually from some sort of environmental stress or damage often caused by a fungal or insect attack. Artists like […]