19 Jun
The French spirit & Brazilian graffiti twins collaborate

After collaborations with American artists KAWS and Futura, the French cognac brand Hennessy turns south and commissions the great Brazilian brothers Os Gemeos to design their latest special edition bottle. The twins from São Paulo dig deep into their native culture to design the “Very Special” bottle, combining their unique somewhat surreal style with traditional […]

We love us some comics. We love us some break beats. We also love us some Incredible Hulk (more Avengers movie Hulk than the other movie Hulks, although you’d have to give Lou Ferrigno’s seminal Hulk top billing). What’s the point, you ask? The point is that DJ Justin Johnson has dropped the 9th volume in […]

2 Mar
Los Angeles' PRISM Gallery is transformed by the Brazilian Twins

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Os Gemeos (literally ‘the twins’ in Portuguese) and known to their mother as; Gustavo and Otavio, bring their amazing, surreal and humorous vision to a dynamic solo exhibition at Los Angeles’ PRISM Gallery which opened this past Saturday night. Miss You runs through March 24th and features Os Gemeos’ saturated colors and signature […]

7 Apr
Smell like a smart, fashion-minded Canadian

It’s fair to say Dsquared² hit bullseye in almost whatever arena they choose to enter, so it’s understandable they’d follow the tried and true fashion path and venture from cut & sew into spray & wear. Twins Dean and Dan Caten head their design house into the world of signature scents with He Wood and […]

9 Sep
It's a laptop stand...a stand, get it?

The A-stand from AIAIAI Labs is a laptop stand made from some leftover plumbing pipe used to mold Danny DeVito…I didn’t know they stacked it that high. While that’s not really true, (because DeVito was really hatched in a test tube, remember?) I can tell you that the design was inspired by Dan Steingart, an […]