16 Sep
Only 80 pieces of the exclusive typographic furniture to be made

Herman Miller Japan teams up with House Industries to create a highly exclusive edition of classic Eames wire-base tables (also known as LTR or Low Table Rod) featuring fonts lifted from the House Industries’ 2010 Eames Century Modern font collection. Each tabletop is hand-printed in House’s Grand Rapids, Michigan factory, returned to Herman Miller for […]

13 Jun
Bianca Chang's 3D moving paper fonts

Bianca Chang is a freelance designer and part-time paper artist based in Sydney, Australia who creates typographic sculptures from cutting shifting forms sequentially out of many sheets of paper. The 3D letterforms become visible when the sheets are stacked together — and when sequenced together with stop-motion can create skilled animations, as seen in the […]

27 Oct
A symbolic link between the font and the artist’s reflections

Meet Vladimir Koncar, a visual artist, new media and graphic designer and art director from Zagreb, Croatia. Actually, I’d like to meet him too. I just came across his page on Behance. Gut tells me he’s a pretty fun guy. Or his completely introverted and lives vicariously through his experimental typography work. They sure are […]